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Release Date Postponed, Details -

Release Date Postponed, Details –

The old Republican legacy of Star Wars Sid, EA and BioWare’s eighth expansion for long-term MMO postponed. There New release date This is February 25, 2022. Here is what we know about the BioWare Game.

“The Legacy of the Sid team has been working hard for a long time, but as we get closer to getting started, it becomes clear that we need a little more time,” the project director wrote. Keith Kannek Official Star Wars: At The Old Republic website. “We focus on further testing the many areas that have been modified throughout the game to give you the experience we want to provide, and you deserve it.”

Many New dynamics Will be introduced with this new extension, such as Combat Styles, and will soon be introduced to public testing servers for player feedback. Story content will be avoided to avoid spoilers before release.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Legacy of Sid

Legacy of the Sith will take players to the new planetary mind Military campaign: The goal is to capture territory for your division. Level cap has been raised to 80. A new flash point will also be introduced on the planet Elom.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about expansion, we leave you with the latest preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith.

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