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Funky celebrates 30th anniversary with game content on Destiny 2

Funky celebrates 30th anniversary with game content on Destiny 2

With new content Rule 2 Celebrates three decades of sports and epic stories – with a great community. Starting today, all Defenders have access to free 30 years of funky content, including a new 6-player function that includes matchmaking, hidden secrets, rewards and more.

Players can do this to participate in more detail on the 30th anniversary of Funky Rule 2: Get the “30 Years of Funky” collection. DLC allows you to explore the dungeon inspired by the Cosmodrome Loot Caves, indulge in nostalgia with the exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn and its catalyst, and gather new and classic equipment. These include:

  • Myth-Claymore-Schwartz
  • Legendary Destiny 1 Weapons
  • Pin shield
  • Exotic giggler Swift sparrow
  • Marathon armor
  • Funky Street Dress Armor
  • Even more!

Give Cam 2

There are even more reasons to celebrate: The Bungie Foundation invites you to its third annual “Game2Give” donation campaign. Each year, with the help of caregivers around the world, the Funky Foundation raises funds focused on diversity, justice and content for the welfare and health of children, humanitarian assistance and community service. Doing good and feeling good.

This allows players to donate and exclusively support their favorite defenders Rule 2-See live stream times to collect game rewards thanks to your generosity. If you wish to donate, there are additional instructions on the donation page for receiving your rewards. The Game2Give campaign runs until December 15.

But the celebrations did not end there – Funky has more for its defenders: there are events in the game, in the end “Season of the Lost“And the latest additions Rule 2: The Witch QueenIt starts on February 22nd.

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