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Release Date of Next Gen Free Update Revealed –

miHoYo announced the release dateUpgrade to the next Zen PS5 version of Zenshin Impact, Open World Action-RPG is free for him to play. Starting the game will get PlayStation 5 support April 28, 2021 And available via free update.

PS5 version of Jenshi’s impact Proposes 4K resolution, advanced configurations, and fast uploads. In addition, all versions of the game will receive one Update, number exactly 1.5, Also known as “under the light of jadeite”. There will be new events and new enemies, as well as two new playing characters. Let’s talk about Yula and Yanfi.

Yula A five-star vessel, which uses a clay, faces ice damage. Yanfi A four-star character, he uses a catalyst and faces fire damage. In addition, the update will give 1.5 Kensing attackers the opportunity to build their own home. Using the Senerita Pat, the player can Enter the pocket dimension to customize your own space Invite friends to spend time together. You can see some details about what awaits us in the video below.

We remind you that Zenshin’s impact is also available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. In addition, fans have recently tried to ignore the game, but it is not clear exactly why.

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