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Kings Bounty II: The new trailer is set to siege the magical world of Nostria

Kings Bounty II: The new trailer is set to siege the magical world of Nostria

1C Entertainment and Koch Media today release the new story trailer for Kings Bounty II. The “Bring them together or fall” trailer focuses on the horrors that affect Nostria’s magical world and delves deeper into a plot that affects the entire country. The upcoming sequel to the unique and critically acclaimed tactical RPG series Kings Bounty will be released on August 24, 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Darkness spreads in the world of Nastria. Conspiracies, sabotage and practices cover the country. Districts demand independence, bandits roam the streets, and rumors of the great power of a plague emerge from the darkness. Old King Claudius drank poison and could no longer lead the kingdom. His son, Prince Adrian, must now unite the warring nations, while at the same time his power and confidence are under attack. But a Savior – the last hope of the kingdom – is already there to fight back and finally restore peace and order to Nostria.

Four years after the start of development, a team of 150 developers has adopted the final stages of the development of King’s Pound II. More than 200 unique characters, dynamic soundtrack, detailed story with over 200,000 words, a beautiful world and more than 50 hours of playing, waiting to find the world of Kings Bounty II.

Denise Maltsev, Lead Producer of 1C Entertainment, says, “The team is very focused on creating the most historical and ghostly experience ever created and directed by a very rich cast and unique organization.” Offers a unique and attractive combination of. We look forward to sharing the beautiful world and its adventures with the players. “

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About King’s Pound II

Kings Bounty II builds battles based on the tactical turn of the pioneers and provides players with a miraculous role-playing experience that gives weight to their every decision, whether it is about wars against undead atrocities or about relations with the villagers. With a mix of reality and fantasy, amazing stories and characters await in every corner, and players can explore a living world where moral decisions are constantly being made!

Players slip into the role of one of the three heroes – each with their own story – and enjoy a non-linear adventure in the open and lively fantasy world. They travel through two different stages in a third-person view, complete quests, explore the jungle, and get to know the people they meet along the way. However, once a fight starts, the game shifts to a tactical perspective. Then the soldiers must retreat into their units to win the battles.

The vast kingdom of Andara is in great danger. A mysterious disease is spreading and destroying the land and all who live in it. Refugees from affected areas are pouring into the Kingdom of Nostria, making food and other resources scarce. Souls that were once afflicted with disease now roam the earth, leaving nothing but chaos and destruction. The empire itself is struggling to survive, which is why the players ’decisions carry more weight than ever before. What will be the future of Andhra Pradesh?

Key Features:

  • Interactive story with video footage: History Kings Bounty II It is described in several video footage and the actions of the players are of paramount importance. In the style of the classic role-playing tradition, players are constantly faced with difficult moral decisions that have long-term consequences throughout the arena. However, these results are not limited to simple dialogue options, but are affected by the actions of the players.
  • The context is important: Once a battle has begun, the battlefield will reflect part of the world map that soldiers are currently traveling on. This means that players must consider their environment before each fight in order to minimize risks and gain an advantage.
  • No more flat stadiums: Realistic, measured battlefields are an integral part Kings Bounty II. War maps are full of obstacles such as valleys, mountains, chariots, and so on, adding to the tactical genre. Each fight now has its own tactical advantages and disadvantages.
  • New character development system: In Kings Bounty II Players can choose from three characters, each with their own story. As they explore the empire, these stories change based on different principles: strength, art, order and anarchy. However, these decisions affect not only NPCs but also other parts of the world.
  • Distinctive groups: Each team is made up of unique units, each with their own talent and appearance. Instead of looking for faceless men, the players form forces of humans, elves, giants and other creatures, who spend most of the adventure side by side, forming close bonds.
  • Tactical depth on the battlefield: Kings Bounty II Introduces many new tactical features such as line of sight for deeper and richer combat experience. In addition, surprising tactical events during wars can place additional demands on soldiers.
  • Distinctive combination of realism and imagination: Soldiers face a vast fantasy world where classic genre elements are mixed with harsh reality, ensuring that they experience firsthand the suffering of the empire.
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Kings Bounty II will be available in stores on August 24, 2021 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

More information on Kings Bounty II is available here

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