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IKEA Japan launches special rainbow collection for Tokyo Rainbow Pride

IKEA Japan launches special rainbow collection for Tokyo Rainbow Pride

To celebrate this year’s Tokyo Rainbow Pride, IKEA has launched a small series of products with Japan Rainbow themes as awareness of the LGBT community in Japan continues to grow.

The collection includes two Rainbow colored storstoma bags and a Bluetooth speaker, as well as three different virtual backgrounds (complete with confetti rain for extra pizzas) that can be downloaded for free for Zoom Meetings.

IKEA Japan donates income

Storestoma Bags was launched by IKEA two years ago in the U.S. to raise funds for the benefit of LGBTQ + communities.

Proceeds from the bags sold at IKEA Japan will also be used to support marginalized minorities: at each purchase, 30 yen (approximately 0.23 euros) will be donated to an LGBTU + charity. There is a small lunch bag for 129 yen (approximately 0.99 euros) and a small carrier bag for 199 yen (approximately 1.53 euros).

Although the bags appeared in other countries before Japan, the mesh Bluetooth speaker cover is available exclusively at local IKEA branches.

Rainbow bag and rainbow cover.

The Rainbow case costs 999 yen, which is 5,999 yen compatible with IKEA NP Bluetooth speakers.

They were designed for personal use by an employee when IKEA participated in the Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2019. Inspired by the simplicity of the design, the team created a platform for commercial publication.

Rainbow Pocket
Rainbow Pocket.

The collection is now on sale Realism Available. All three free virtual backgrounds can be downloaded online. More information is available Official website IKEA is from Japan.