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Razer Project Sophia integrates gaming hardware with desktops

CES 2022
Turns the razor desk into a gaming PC

Keyboard and Mouse On and Off: The Razr Gaming Table has all the key components of a modern computer.

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If the gaming specialist racer’s vision is high, the days of chunky desktop cases will be numbered. In Las Vegas, the company presented Project Sofia, which has all the components for a full-fledged gaming system.

All-in-one means a computer that integrates hardware and monitors to save space and keep clutter to a minimum. But what if the table itself is a computer, monitor and cupboard? A complete dream for hard cable managers, so far only a few hobbyists have accomplished themselves with personal plans in hard detailed work – until now.

Because at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the Razer Project showed Sophia. It is a modular desk that accommodates up to 13 different modules on its worktop and offers a 65-inch OLED screen with speakers or a 77-inch OLED display on the long back. However, it is questionable whether you can work with the seat space that is usually limited to desks.

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Of course, there is an LED strip on the edge of the table, which can illuminate the room with room lighting depending on your needs. Only the height adjustment that is practically imposed when only one cable is connected is missing.

What is particularly exciting about this table is the internal functions. This is because according to the manufacturer, Intel offers a motherboard table with the latest hardware such as AlterLac processors, AMD Raison chips and related graphics cards. Other block slots are configurable.

Modern hardware under the glass desk

Razor names, for example, touch screens, graphics tablets, supports for wireless charging, special keyboards for video streaming or drinks hot.

Unfortunately, Project Sofia is currently only a concept, so there is no information on pricing or availability. However, at least at some point – probably a lot of money – the chances of getting it are not bad. In 2021, Razer initially came up with an idea for the Zephyr mask, but later decided to get down to series production.

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