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Le pagelle del Napoli - Un punto d

Napoli Report Cards – A Gold Dot. Mertens is the best but everyone got promoted tonight

Juventus-Naples 1-1

Ospina 6.5 – There is nothing he can do about the conceded goal, and Xisa’s shot is to deflect from Lobotka. For the rest, always be attentive, accurate and timely.

De Lorenzo 7 – Among Napoli’s best: for how he defends and how he aids in offensive action. A pillar of the Spalti team.

Rahmani 6.5 – Guide the defense with utmost power: pacify Morata in the best possible way and pass anyone.

Juan Jesus 6.5 – Among the best against Milan, Spezia and another great performance tonight. It elevates itself against big names.

Gaulam 6 – Fourteen minutes before tonight, he’s been good at taking the field from the start for the first time. In fact, it has the church and the quadrato in a decent way. Was the footballer found? Say it too soon, but tonight it was beyond the worst expectations.

Dem 6.5 – Diego’s Carra is a factor in the stadium. It’s a dam: it blocks and binds.

Lobotka 7 – He is always the thickness of the game and takes advantage of Demin’s bad work. And when the ball is at his feet, he will always be shiny. Dal 92esimo Zanoli sv

Politano 6.5 – More than a winger, he makes a difference tonight as he moves forward as a center. At 0-1, his movement was a real 9, with one center he got the area and then dropped a perfect ball to Mertens. Dal 77esimo Elmas sv

Jilinsky 6.5 – With experience and mastery, he plays well between the lines and engages himself in the overall service of the team.

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Badge 6.5 – Like a real captain for the first time since signing with Toronto. He comes in for the warm-up and cheers his fans on, pulling him: awkward and focused. The goal of opening the competition comes from its vertical.

Mertens 7.5 – He elevates himself in times of emergency, and in times of difficulty he confirms himself as a leader. He scored and did not raise the white flag even after a hard blow in the half hour: Napoli could not lose him in the total emergency and the Belgian did not betray. From the 89th Pedagna sv

Luciano Spallatti (not on the field because he is positive for Covit-19) 7 – Certaldo’s coach prepared for one of the season’s most important races in the worst possible circumstances. He did the necessary virtue, asked his team for a glorious performance and the team attended and responded.