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Microsoft Edge 88 for Windows and MacOS now distributed -

Microsoft Edge 97 distribution for Windows, MacOS and Linux Update to Edge 97 closes 28 security holes

In the evening, Microsoft began releasing the standard version 97 of the Microsoft Edge for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The update to version 97.0.1072.55 includes a number of new features, fixes, and consistency and performance enhancements that will be distributed automatically in the coming days and weeks. There are various bug fixes and security improvements: With this update, 28 security holes have been closed in older versions of the Edge, including three CVE-2022-21929, CVE-2022-21930, CVE-2022-21931 and CVE-2022. -21954 Edge-specific updates. As always, access to details is restricted until most users receive this update. To use all the new features, Microsoft Edge needs to be updated to the latest version. The update for version 97.0.1072.55 can now be downloaded through the update menu> Help and Feedback> Information about Microsoft Edge and directly from the official website. More information about this update can be found below or here Microsoft.

Download -> Download Microsoft Edge for Windows, macOS and Linux

For the standard channel, updates will be released gradually in one or more days. Users who have installed an older version of the Edge will receive an update automatically. If you do not want to wait too long, you can trigger the update manually: open the Edge, click the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the window> click Help and Feedback, and then click on Microsoft Edge. This dialog box opens, Edge is looking for updates ›If an update is available, click Restart to run it. If required, the update can be downloaded from the official website.

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You can now download the latest version of Microsoft Edge from Microsoft:

The new version of the Edge includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Microsoft has released the latest version of Microsoft Edge Stable Channel version 97.0.1072.55, which includes the latest security updates for the Chromium program.
  • Security fixes -> CVE-2022-0096, CVE-2022-0097, CVE-2022-0098, CVE-2022-0099, CVE-2022-0100, CVE-2022-0101, CVE-0101, CVE-20222020 0103, CVE -2022-0104, CVE-2022-0105, CVE-2022-0106, CVE-2022-0107, CVE-2022-0108, CVE-2022-0109, CVE-0109, CVE-2012,201 CVE-2022-0112, CVE-2022-0113, CVE-2022-0114, CVE-2022-0115, CVE-2022-0116, CVE-2022-0117, CVE-2022-01120.
  • This update includes the following Microsoft Edge-specific updates: CVE-2022-21929, CVE-2022-21930, CVE-2022-21931 and CVE-2022-21954.
  • Use the current profile to sign in to websites when multiple work or school accounts are signed in on one device. When multiple work or school accounts are signed in on one device, users will be asked to select an account from the Account Checker to continue visiting websites. In this release, users will be prompted to automatically sign in to Microsoft Edge websites through the task or school account currently logged in to their current profile. Users can enable or disable this feature in Settings> Profile Options.
  • Add support for Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Microsoft Endpoint DLP Policy Enforcement is available by default on MacOS.
  • Automatic HTTPS. Users can upgrade navigation from HTTP to HTTPS on domains that support this highly secure protocol. This support can be configured to attempt delivery to all domains via HTTPS. Note: This feature is a restricted feature output. If you do not find this feature, please review it as we continue our publication.
  • Block WebSQL in third-party contexts. Use of the traditional WebSQL feature will be blocked from third-party frames. WebSQLInThirdPartyContextEnabled policy will be an option to opt out of Microsoft Edge version 101. This change is taking place in the Chromium program based on Microsoft Edge.
  • Quotes on Microsoft Edge. Citing sources for research is a common need for students. They need to manage many research tips and resources, which is not an easy task. They need to translate these quotes into valid quote formats such as APA, MLA and Chicago. This new “quotes” feature, now in Microsoft Edge preview, provides the best way for students to manage and generate quotes while researching online. If you run quotes from collections or systems and more (Alt-F), Microsoft Edge automatically generates quotes so students can focus on their research. Once they are done, these quotes can be easily compiled into a final presentation.
  • Control Flow Guard (CFG). Microsoft Edge will begin to support more sensitive security by combating vulnerabilities in memory and protecting against indirect calls. CFG is only supported on Windows 8 and later.
  • Note: This is a growing technology, please share your thoughts to help us strengthen its support.
  • Control-flow enforcement technology (CET) is available with security feature. When you enable “Improve your security on the Internet”, Microsoft Edge will support a more secure browsing mode, which will use the hardware control flow for browser processes. CET is available on the following supported hardware: Intel 11th Gen. Or AMD Zen 3.
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Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft Edge will continue to be supported on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 until January 15, 2022. These operating systems are no longer supported, and Microsoft recommends switching to a supported operating system, such as Windows 10. While Edge may help improve security on the Internet, PCs may still be exposed to security risks. To support IE mode under these operating systems, devices must be Extended security updates for Windows 7 Feature.

Microsoft Edge for Desktop -> Description via Microsoft

The new Microsoft Edge has been redesigned to give you better compatibility and performance, the security and privacy you deserve and the new features that give you the best internet. Based on the new Microsoft Edge Chromium engine, it improves compatibility and enhances the cross-platform of web applications. When switching to the new version, the favorites, passwords, saved information for forms and basic settings will be changed without the customer doing anything. Microsoft Edge comes with an optimized performance, gets a new logo and many innovations for private and corporate clients.

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