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PUBG has changed its name to keep up with the latest games -

PUBG has changed its name to keep up with the latest games –

PUBG, Or rather PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has changed Name. More or less. Crafton has decided that the game will actually be called by now PUBG: Battlefields. The reason? Stay tuned for brand and new upcoming games.

From this moment on, as you can see on Steam and the official Twitter profile, the official name of the Battle Royale is PUBG: Battlefields. Technically, it sounds like “Player Unknown Battlefields: Battlefields“Obviously this move aims to remove” PlayerUnknown’s “from the owner’s name and create a unique word to use for all games, for example, the series’ next mobile game PUBG: New State.

PUBG Battlefields: You can see the new name on the top left

A representative Cropton He said, “Crafton is actively expanding the PUBG brand with various new experiences in its universe. Renaming PlayerUnkknown’s Battlegrounds in PUBG: Battlefields is the first step in realizing this vision.

Also, we must not forget that there is another game in development that is part of the “PUBG Universe”, that is, the horror game of those who created the Dead Space for 300 years in the future compared to Battlegrounds. Can you call this game “PUBG” by adding verse?

What do you think about it? Do you like PUBG battlefields? Or would you call it PUBG for simplicity? Also, this change implies something else: Will PUBG play for free? According to one computer, it will soon be running on PC for free.

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