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Pouring mountain waste into fields, a Milanese company condemned

Pouring mountain waste into fields, a Milanese company condemned

Local police found the abandoned teacher via Archimede. Councilor Pipolo: “Our crusade against incompetence will not stop”.

A garbage dump in the fields adjacent to the location identifies the person in charge of the local police. A company in Carbonate Milanese was fined and condemned. You will also be charged for the removal and restoration of that area.

Leave a mountain

Dumped in the fields via Archimede. The area was cleaned by Cebrio workers

The Carbonate Milanese company complained to the public prosecutor’s office that it had abandoned the waste. Local police were able to locate the man responsible for the large amount of waste dumped illegally in the countryside via Archimede, a green area near the park of three chestnuts, on the outskirts of Apia and Location. The illegally downloaded material contained cartons, furniture, plant engineering and a mattress. All the waste was examined in the hope that even the smallest clue would be found to find the author of that rubbish. At a certain point in the trash, local police officers undoubtedly found an invoice for that precious writer. It is a Carbonate Milanese company.

Condemnation and fines for a Milanese company

Annoyed, but opposed to the Councilor for the Environment Vitto Bipolo:

“Thanks to the excellent work of the local police, we have been able to identify the author of that devastation. A good drain.

The area has already been cleaned up: “Thanks to the performance of the Zebrio workers,” says Bipolo, who announces a new crackdown on increased craft waste with the epidemic. “A few months ago we convicted another company, this time from Arcore, dumping a garbage truck in the woods of Pinetta Park.”

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