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New world, strange event scares players

New World, an online multiplayer produced by Amazon Studios, seems to be getting ready for Halloween with a slightly confusing but exciting look.

New World, Strange Event Scares Players – Video (Photo: Amazon)

In fact, someone on Reddit said they created one Strange invention When he was busy on a sober fishing trip. The emerging and growing community around the New World is certainly promising, albeit with slight fluctuations in numbers. However, the indication that the developer cares about their players is certainly popular குறைபாடு dell’invincibilità It was taken quickly and painlessly.

And in spite of Lots of players After publishing it all, we were able to find a way to surprise ourselves with what is happening inside this online multiplayer. The story of a Reddit user seems to be perfect for Halloween.

Call it the New World, Ghostbusters … or the Coast Guard

Who saw himself in front of a player while in one of the New World Passes Fishing There is something surprising: one Horror ship Shining in the distance. The appearance of this ship sparked controversy in a forum dedicated to the game produced by Amazon. lilpixieBA He is not alone in enjoying this vision But at the same time it seems that many more users, even those who have been playing since its introduction, are not lucky enough to see it.

The short video posted on Reddit won some bad comments from someone who was not happy posting a video comparable to a spoiler. What a comfort to us instead The majority of users, Those who claim to have seen the ghost ship, and those who say no, are delighted that LilPixPA took the trouble to record and share that short video.

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Some were especially loving Comments People who quietly declare Played for over 100 hours And could not see this other user made ship. If you want to hunt the ghost ship that someone jokes about taking the souls of alpha warriors, you can go out. Cape Thomas Beach A first light