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PS5 and PS4: PlayStation Wishes Everyone 2021 Happy With A Celebratory Video

An insider reveals the background of Sony events –

I PlayStation Play State Now a new tradition Sony, Already launched in the middle of the PS4 era and is now routinely used by the company to provide various news related to the games and PlayStation universe for the PS5, so it is interesting to know how these are organized Guidelines, Reported by a local.

Millie A., Sony recently became famous for accurately predicting various accurate information such as the unpredictable Marvels Wolverine announcement prior to Sony’s own release Sony seems to define the way it regulates its game status, especially with regard to them Third party commitment, As coming next.

Note that the new state game of October 2021 is set for Wednesday October 27 at 11.00pm Also, the focus will be on third-party games, which may, according to the same motive, be the Hogwarts Legacy, although it will be on display at the Game Awards 2021.

In any case, the stated guidelines are very accurate Likely, Because they are considered a possible fact because they do not go into detail, while playing, Sony is still interested in getting an idea of ​​how the relationship with third parties is organized. All just rumors.

In particular, there is talk of pre-contract agreements binding developers and publishers for certain aspects of the game, which will appear in the state of the game and will not be set for a specific date but for a period of one week. , Must come ready assets within it. Once everything is organized, the event can be configured two weeks before its actual transfer and insertion into the various social channels of the PlayStation.

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