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Poll of the Week: Interested in retail versions of Nintendo Switch with download codes? – ntower

It’s time for our poll again on Sunday and the week, we ask for your opinion on Nintendo and the video game world in general. As always, let’s look at the previous survey first before starting a new one.

Last week’s poll

Last week Nintendo announced the best Nintendo Switch sales figures, which exceeded Nintendo’s expectations. As a result, we asked you in the survey what Nintendo needs to do to continue the success of the Nintendo Switch. Most of you think that good software titles ensure success and thus further increase the sales of Nintendo Switch. You can find out how many times the other answer options were selected The last survey.

Poll of the week

Nintendo doesn’t do that often, but third-party publishers sometimes use the opportunity to sell codes in stores. At first glance it looks like a normal Nintendo switch box, but “Download only code! No software card included.” Indicates that there is no cartridge in the box. So you buy a box on the shelf in the trade that contains only the download code. For developers, on the one hand, this is good because they do not have to pay for the production of expensive software cards; On the other hand, games cannot be borrowed or resold. This type of code is often used for additional codes for free-to-play games that are only available from Nintendo EShop.

Now to the question: Are you interested in business versions like this or do you think it is plastic waste? Let us know your opinion on the survey and comments.

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