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Akiba's trip to Nintendo Switch was confirmed in Europe

Akiba’s trip to Nintendo Switch was confirmed in Europe

Imagined by Aguirre Studios and released on PSP on May 19, 2011, Akiba’s travel license is coming back this year to celebrate its 10th anniversary, this time released on the Nintendo Switch. Akiba’s Trip First Memory (renamed Akiba’s Journey: Hellbound & Diffracted) will be released on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4 on May 20, 2021 at a special edition scheduled for 8,778 yen or 80 euros.

XEZ Games today unveiled Akiba’s Journey: Hellbound & Nintendo Switch version described in Europe and the US. The title is scheduled for this summer.

Akiba’s Journey: Hellbound & Debrief will feature a 10th anniversary special edition for $ 49.99, featuring more than 60 pages of recent artwork and original artwork from both games in the series, as well as an official soundtrack with 47 tracks on 2 CDs. . For the digital version. Costs 39.99.

According to the record, Akiba’s journey gives you a kind of vampire story that takes place in the Akihabara district of Tokyo so that the sunlight reaches them. Previous games have reached the West, and if there is the announcement of a new game, there is no doubt that our regions will sooner or later worry.

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