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Greso (Zelda or Ever Oasis) is recruiting for a new project

Greso (Zelda or Ever Oasis) is recruiting for a new project

Grezo has worked on several Zelda game ports in recent years (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Four Sword Anniversary Edition, Majora’s Mask 3D), but Lynx’s Switch remake, Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS, The Legend of the Zelda or The Zelda: Ever Oasis. Koichi Ishii, best known for his work in the Mana series owned by Square Enix, was hired in April 2007 as CEO of the company.

The developer is currently recruiting for a new project described as “medieval” and “elegant”. In the list of jobs to be filled, it is indicated that a programmer will use GameUnity, Visualstudio, Kid, Redmine and Jenkin. The employee will be involved in the planning team from the beginning (so this is not programming). Greso is looking for someone with experience in unity in C #, someone who loves games and can do great things in the mind of the player. There are also job posts for Effects Designer and User Interface Designer. The approach to game design is “medieval” and “elegant”. It is not photosynthesis, but touches on the design by taking elements of reality. The UI designer takes care of the HUD, menus and the like.

Grezo’s relationship with Nintendo dates back to 2010 with the Line Attack Heroes game, which is only available to Waiver in Japan. However, we must point out that the company’s work is not exclusive to Big N.