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PostePay mess!  Unauthorized Charge Vacant User Cards.  How to repay

PostePay mess! Unauthorized Charge Vacant User Cards. How to repay

Extraordinary fees on PostePay and apparently approved by Google Play. There have actually been numerous reports from their PostePay users that they have been experiencing total chaotic moments over the past ten days such as unauthorized fees and emptying the Italian post office’s rechargeable cards. The situation seems to have been going on for about ten days with the charges marked on the user’s drive but it comes from Google Play but is not actually recognized by the card holders.

PostePay: How the money on the card was stolen

basically The process sees a charge of about 10 a number (Usually about 4 or 5 per activity) It is authenticated by Google Play, Android Digital Store. These moves on the PostePay card can be multiple times in a single day, so users can charge themselves hundreds of euros.

And they really are Many reports that users make to Google and the Italian Post Office About ten days to date. All users involved, through their PostPay, especially in the Google Online Store, are notified that they do not authorize any fees. Also, they did not even accidentally click on the malicious links, so the phishing system may have caused malicious actions. To date, Post Italian has not yet released an official statement In a situation where many of its customers are involved.

PostePay: What if you have a fee? How to get a refund?

As mentioned, Poste Italian has not yet released official reports on the matter, and after all, has not yet reported why this is happening and whether there is any attack on the company’s payment systems. Honestly Anyone who receives irregular fees on their postpaid through Google Play Authorization can request a refund of irregular fees.

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Withdrawals can be made directly on the Post Italian website With a specific one to report and argue charges. In this case we are referring to Bancoposta, which can also be used for these types of problems: TheVolume, Upon completion it must be delivered to a post office, or sent via PEC or fax.

When The advice we can give you, To identify unidentified charges, to check the movements of the card, waiting for the situation to be resolved soon. These will be recommended if identified Block the card immediately. PerTo preventPostpaid card is available 24 hours a day to call numbers:

  • Prepaid cardPostpay: 800.00.33.22 (from Italy)
  • Prepaid cardPostpay: + (from abroad).