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Parking: Thousands of Lyons fined for bugs?

Parking: Thousands of Lyons fined for bugs?

Since the beginning of March many Leonos have been getting tickets for not paying for their parking. With the advent of Flobord, the application change implemented by the city.

The mayor of Lyon’s 6th constituency sounds the alarm in a press release this Thursday, March 24th. Thousands Leonis would have had PV In their mailboxes Not paying for their parking.

According to Pascal Blache, the change in the app that allows payment from a smartphone to the parking lot is questionable. In early March, the city of Lyon decided Change the “Pay by Phone” app to “Flowbird”.

“This change came as a surprise to most users, who were either unaware or unaware of the information: paying by phone did not inform anyone about the outcome of its operation.”Selected Leonis promises.

Many errors

Since its inception, The Flowbird application multiplies errors : Land location is not possible, your bank account cannot be authenticated or your place of residence … Complaint messages have been thriving on social media sites since the beginning of this month.

Many users So that would have been verbal For non-payment of parking fees. “Minutes have begun to arrive in the mailboxes for two days, and the coming weeks may bring many more surprises.”, According to the mayor of the 6th Arrondissement, he is inviting the city of Lyon to express himself in this matter. He also says Cancellation of all painted PVs Since the beginning of March.