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How to use the new feature to share captures with the PlayStation App?

How to use the new feature to share captures with the PlayStation App?

It is now possible to easily locate and share your PS5 screenshots and videos from the PlayStation app. How to do it?

PlayStation 5 // Source: Frandroid – Arnaud GELINEAU

Sony is clearly lagging behind in sharing content with friends on its latest console PlayStation 5. The Xbox, for its part, has already developed this kind of functionality well. So Sony has decided to try and work on the options offered by its PlayStation App iOS And android.

The new game sharing functionality was first tested in beta from October, only in Japan and Canada. The good news: it’s now available in the standard version of the PlayStation app in France (22.2.0 for Android).

We explain how to find and share screen shots and videos of your gaming sessions using the PlayStation App.

Activate the option and share your records

First, the automatic upload of screen shots to the cloud via the console settings must be enabled. The latter must first be associated with the application, left in leisure mode and connected to the Internet.

On the console page, go to Settings to enable this automatic download, and then Captures and broadcastsAnd Likes. Then activate the option Automatic upload. You must enable this function in the application: Select LibraryThen Likes And touch To implement.

Once all of this is enabled, you can finally see all of your photo and video captures in use Library And Likes. You can download them on your smartphone but share them. In this case there are two options:

  • Select To shareThen select the party you want to post your picture or video to, or;
  • Touch To shareThen Share via Send your catch using another phone app (for example Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.).
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Video clips and pictures will be available on the PlayStation app for 14 days after they are created. Attention, only video clips of 1080p and a maximum of three minutes will be automatically downloaded and sent to the app.

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