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Over 500 hours to complete it 100% -

Over 500 hours to complete it 100% –

Dying Light 2: Be human One will be proud Time Crazy: According to the developers, you will need at least 100% to complete the game 500 ore: Walking from Warsaw to Madrid takes longer.

After the PC version trailer with video and active RTX with the ability tree, Dying Lite 2: Stay Human returns to talk about himself and exaggerate around the release with interesting details about its rich structure.

From the good Open world, We imagined that the new episode of the Techland series would take several tens of hours to complete, but we would not have expected more than 500 hours of experience.

To the post posted on the official profile of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, many users responded fearlessly with these numbers, and those who actually posted their own stats with the first Dying Light have already proven that they played well. 500 hours ..

Will all of this material be supported by standard standards? PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | The cloud version for the Nintendo Switch on the S and Xbox One from February 4th will come a few weeks later.

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