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The creators of Days-Khan had ideas for an anti-game game with the open world, but Sony rejected it •

The creators of Days-Khan had ideas for an anti-game game with the open world, but Sony rejected it •

According to Direcotr Jeff Ross, Sony was not at all interested in ideas for a Days Con sequel at the time. Instead, the team offered their superiors the idea of ​​an open world counter-game, which was rejected. As Rose believes, but only as a pure function, Sony threw the restart of the Siphon Filter into the room.

That and some other information about how the Second Days Con project failed, the former Sony employee said in a YouTube video. In it you see Ross and his colleague John Carwin in a video call following game developer David Jaff (although, he backs out of the title). In it, later reports suggest that Sony gave the impression that Days Con had failed at the time, although it did not sell badly and blocked all further ideas in this direction.

“I think it’s dead when it comes,” Rose explains Series proposal for Days Con. While the team was still working on the pitch for the successor, Rose already had a feeling he didn’t really want to. The concept of their Days Con plans already had an impact in the first game. According to Ross, the superiors’ rating “came from the point of view: the first part failed in many ways and did not sell well.”

So Sony suggested alternatives to the team, namely the restart of the siphon filter, in which Ross was not interested: “They asked us: Hey, how to restart the siphon filter …?” He explains that pulling the hat off of using the Sony owner is an urgent solution: “This is a question – ‘Do we have other IPs?’ The only thing we had were siphon filters, but honestly I did not know how to update siphon filters and I was not interested.

No wonder the idea of ​​not being interested in Days Con 2 came to Rose early on: Ross describes the mood of the development: “It was very clear that we should not talk about Days Con, even when we were working on it. The pitch worked (for a sequel) and created it,” Ross adds Were interested in almost everything except Days Con 2.

Instead, the panel threw another idea into the room: “The suggestion I made was, ‘Open world resistance would be fantastic.’ We came up with all these open-world loops. Opposition is almost self-written, there are many.

Looks like the ideas didn’t exactly succeed at this point. Although neither of them gave any such reasons for their departure at the time, Jeff Rose and John Carwin left Days Con in December 2020. Sony Bend Studio exits, Is no less surprising in view of these disappointing project phases.

On Twitter this week, Jeff Rose spoke again about the opportunity for Days Khan to make a sequel even better, and was confirmed by some fans in the community:

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However, his statement met with not only approval but also isolated criticism. As an AAA product you have a tremendous budget and it has already flown in the first part, from which an article says you should have done something better.

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