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Health, Opposition Attacks and Stossy Answer: Download the barrel. Condemn yourself in this matter. “

Gorigliano-Rosano – “Can you imagine Commander Shettino de Falco accusing the warship’s commander of disobedience or intimidation? , And for a few months now, apart from the Governor, we have also exposed the Commissioner to Acta della Sanita, who, on the other hand, has the courage to blame those who are incompetent in health administration, i.e. the Mayor, because of the difficult circumstances of our speech.

Flavio Staci, mayor of Corrigliano-Rosano, writes in a press release.

“This is the eleventh attempt to unload the barrel by the forces that are the real culprits in the sinking of regional health. Thanks also to the considerable support of local representatives in government positions.

“Not only that. They do not realize what they are really doing, in qualifications such as managing Govt patients who remember only a few political lessons in the crucial moments of the characterization of the whole nation. Attribute to me. It provides intensive care on other campuses, including the current one.

“Obviously they do not have the time and space. I do not understand the proposed model. It must be well understood in advance that in order to save the lives of our people, it would have been inevitable and necessary to create additional structures in addition to the massively inadequate centers. So we are working to get as many improvements as possible, starting with a single swap lab on CT scan and Spoke.

“On the other hand, if there is a real emergency, it is the whole hospital health system and the region, apparently multiplied by the epidemic crisis (excluding the political barrel discharge) that continues to be the real urgency of regional health for health workers and others who were short-lived before the outbreak of the epidemic. If you want to make a real contribution at the subtle stage, you must contract with the Commissioners of Health Institutions and be responsible for pushing the Commissioner Ad ACT to introduce emergency bankruptcy procedures.Breathing for first aid, covit departments, USCA, vaccination centers, preventive departments and all regional health services.

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“Unfortunately, failing to function in this sense, I fear we will continue to study surface references such as” Radio London, “and we will see the same political apostasy and submission in the last few years.

(Photo source cosenzapost)