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“Iliad, I didn’t get any calls”. Some Iliad client issue and solution

Problems with incoming calls with Iliad. What are the possible solutions? Users who have difficulty with the Iliad may go ahead with issues to redistribute some useful information. Obviously, fortunately, we are talking about a very small number of users and local problems, which are gradually solved. All managers have some minor issues, so Iliad is definitely not completely free of connection issues. In particular, we have already talked about it Our telegram channel, Some users point out the difficulty in receiving calls.

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But now let’s go with our post trying to find out the reasons for this and what are the possible solutions Iliad barrier to receiving calls. As mentioned, this can be very annoying even if it involves a small group of customers.

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As some users have told us, the problem is limited to the point Receives call. The experiences of various users suggest that there are actually no difficulties in browsing the internet and making phone calls through SIM Iliad.

Issue affecting only incoming calls

So frequent interruptions allow you to make phone calls, browse but also receive phone calls.

A difficulty that users do not realize for many hours. Until news like “I was looking for you” started coming. Only at that point, the Elliott user realizes that he has not had coverage for some time Unattainable.

After the view, looking at the notes on the phone, the Network security Is there. No more phone calls. An difficulty that can have a huge impact on the experience of using your Iliad SIM.

But what can be done? What is the reason for this problem in getting phone calls with Iliad? After all, can it be solved?

With the number of reports and clients using Iliad as the main operator today, it is clear that this problem affects a small number of users. If you want to get closer to Iliad Rates of the fourth operator, No need to get tired. Every manager has some issues here and there in different parts of the country. Ed Iliad is working to solve.

Can’t get phone calls?

This may be due to the difficulty of getting phone calls with Iliad Con wind tray partition ran. The specific format of national roaming and resource allocation allows Elliott to operate over almost 100% of the Italian territory.

Practically with run sharing, the Iliad, which does not have its own antennas, utilizes a portion of the resources available to wind tray stations. The problem with receiving calls here may be due to some specific wind tray antennas that are difficult to manage Click In Elliott SIMs.

We indicate the required steps from different networks with the switch: 2G, 3G, 4G (even now 5G).

Problems switching from 4G to 3G

When our smartphone receives a call, it is often forced to switch from a 4G network (modern, efficient but mainly dedicated to internet connection) to 3G or 2G (used mainly to guide phone conversations today).

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When the call comes in, the Iliad network that shares with Windtray encounters some issues in this passage that do not allow the mobile phone to connect to the 3G network, which is essential for receiving calls.

Even if our Iliad smartphone shows full coverage, those who try to call us will receive an inaccessible message.

But technologies are of interest to us to a certain point. The problem mentioned is really annoying, so let’s understand how to solve it.

Solve the problem of getting phone calls with Iliad

Iliad reception issues

As mentioned, this issue is of concern to a small fraction of the many Iliad SIMs in use today with the full satisfaction of millions of Italian consumers.

After this clarification, we would like to share with you a practice that has proven to be quite effective most of the time in solving the problem of getting phone calls with Iliad and standard inaccessibility.

Do this simple procedure:

  • Force cell phone network to 2G only
  • Restart the phone
  • Automatically reset network search mode

Once these operations are completed, the mobile phone with Elliott SIM will exit from this stage Sleep This prevents phone calls from being received correctly.

As witnessed by members of our online community, this is an organization that always works. However, if you have constant difficulty receiving calls 177We advise you to write below, in the comments section or directly on our telegraph channel. Especially if you are adopting other solutions to deal with this little inconvenience. Let us know!

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