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On the weekends, not only is the heating boom, there are big news for Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August. Trend »

Weather: The weekend, not just the heating boom, has big news for Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August. Trend

Weather forecast for the weekendWeekend weather forecastWe are fast approaching the heart of summer, which is traditionally dedicated to the Italian holiday. Next Weekend, In particular, will be from the first Red dot For great exits to hotels. What will the weather be like?
Something big is developing, in fact we don’t have to deal with another Heat wave, But there is also some news regarding a visit Before the dangerous storm.

But let’s go through the queue by analyzing the latest updates Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1.

Let’s start by saying that next weekendAfrican anticyclone will give a lot of problems e It does not render the Mediterranean bed. For this reason, especially Al In the center-south and two main islands, We are still at the mercy of the heat at times, especially when repression and rather aggression, maximum peaks up to 36/38 C Saturday, July 31st.
However, some news is coming out North There, despite the intense heat, as the hours went by, a Unstable front of Atlantic origin This will probably start from the Midwest Alps and lead to the first rains.

Then between night and day Sunday, August 1st Here the storm will firmly break the northern zones ahead and greatly destabilize the atmosphere. Focus due to strong contradictions generated between different air masses We do not exclude the risk of such extreme weather events Hail and storms That, too, can happen in the Alps and the Freelps Plain From Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto e Friuli Venice Giulia.
Some rain in the evening is likely to pass over Liguria and Tuscany, while it will be better in the central and southern regions.

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In short, it will open under this climatic trend in August, which has now lasted for a few weeks.Subtropical anticyclone And Atlantic currents. In fact, in addition to bad weather, it should be noted that in the center-south it is still hot, With thermal values Up to about 40 C in the interior of Buglia and Sicily and Sardinia.

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