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La fraude bancaire active un abonnement de 37 euros, débités toutes les deux semaines.

No, you did not win a Tyson device on Instagram

A scam has been going on for days on a social networking site claiming that users have won a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner from a popular English brand.

You beat Tyson AirwapFollowing a link to a fraud website. Many users have been identified by this type of post Instagram. Many accounts claim to be affiliated with the appliance Tyson, Like “Hardison_France“Where”Dysson_Air_Wrap“. What do they have in common? Show the winners that you won a 500 euro hair dryer or another brand-name device.

Here is an example of an account that is said to be affiliated with the Tyson brand. Screenshot

Unfortunately, this is a big scam. When a person clicks on the link in question, they come to a site that offers to pay a postage of 1 to 2 euros to receive their prize. You will then need to fill out a form with your postal and bank details. This is when the fraud begins. In fact, at the bottom of this page, in small print, is “This special offer comes with a 6 day trial period for a subscription service. After this period, subscribe [sic] (37 EUR every 14 days) will be automatically debited from your credit card.

Use brand image

This is far from the first time pirates used Tyson’s image for fraud, as we have already seen in advertisements. Facebook Fraud», Victor Byzat, Tech & Web Expert, On Twitter. Some internet users look at the situation and laugh, as below.

The real Tyson brand reacted Twitter To condemn disappointment: “We fight daily against fraudulent offers and pages, and we urge the relevant sites (web pages, social networks, etc.) to stop them.“For now, the fraud is still high, but it has been reported, Fraud listing site in France.

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To avoid being deceived, never report your personal and bank details on a site if you have any doubts. Do not hesitate to consult the legal notices of the site, which are often absent in these cases. If unfortunately you are one of the victims, do not panic and you may challenge your credit card with your bank.