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Born into racing, it sows “panic” in the streets of Rome

Born into racing, it sows “panic” in the streets of Rome

Lamborghini has decided to unleash all the power and strength of the Hurricane Stove on the street and road in Rome.

Lamborghini Hurricane Store (Media. Lamborghini, com)

Lamborghini Has decided to unleash all the power and all the strength of the new power Hurricane Stowe On the road and on the track. Favorite place was Roma, Will work on the new super car with the Italian capital protagonist in a new situation.

As for the route, it was the home of Sand Agatha Bolognese Visit to Vallelunga in Lazio. Here, the Lamborghini Hurricane Stow was able to show off all of its beauty, giving incredible emotions and having the best road, thank you Bridgestone.

The tires fitted to the super car actually came from a Japanese home. Name of wheels Power Race, which talks about the character of the car. The grip obtained by this grip for Bridgestone tires is definitely higher and allows more stability at higher speeds.

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Characteristics of the Lamborghini Hurricane Stowe

Lamborghini Stowe
Lamborghini Hurricane Store (

After the digital premiere last November, and after the suspensions Govit-19, Finally here Lamborghini was able to unleash its Hurricane Stowe. It loads Naturally coveted V10 It can expel the power of Ben 640 Guard.

Maximum speed is important, thanks to the work done on the weight by the Italian company, which worked precisely in the direction of reduction, especially as detailed 30% lighter glass.

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About Inside Of Hurricane Stowe, stands alone here An infotainment system This is especially useful along the way. In addition, the carbon fiber coating is very important, while the steering wheel has Alcondara.

Finally, moving ExternalHere, the new Lamborghini supercar looks only one piece Front hood. At the back stands a large ileron, which allows you to keep it Excellent aerodynamic performance.