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On Mars, NASA's rover failed its first attempt to collect rocks

On Mars, NASA’s rover failed its first attempt to collect rocks

The goal of the mission is to look at the signs of ancient life, i.e. traces of fossil microbes in rocks and to better understand the geography of Mars.

The diligent rover failed in its first attempt to collect a piece of rock from Mars, the first of about 30 models to be brought back to Earth over several years for analysis, NASA said.

The American space agency released photos today that clearly showed a small mound near the shadow of the vehicle with a hole in its center – the first robot made on the red planet. “Sample collection has started!பின்னர், then tweeted Thomas Surbuchen, Scientific Director of the American Space Agency.

But the data sent to Earth by the machine indicates that no sample was collected in this first rock sample attempt. “This is not the result we expect, and there is always risk when conducting unprecedented researchThomas Surbuchen said in a statement. “I hope we have the right team for this process and we will be diligent to find a solution to ensure success in the future..

The process of collecting a sample, the size of a lime and stuffed in an airtight tube, should take a total of eleven days. Objective: To see signs of ancient life such as traces of microorganisms buried in rocks but to better understand the geography of Mars. This work started a year ago from Florida.

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