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All the news of Indy Day has been compiled

Something that happened on Thursday Indy Day The PlayStation blog features seven indie games that will soon appear on PlayStation consoles. The following games have been revealed or updated:

ActionFree II: Lost Signals

Adam Hines, co-founder of Night School Studios, announces ActionSfree II: Lost Souls coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Five years after the Axonfree events, Riley returned to his hometown of Camona on Axonfree II: The Lost Souls to Investigate Mysterious Radio Signals. But her discovery surpasses all her expectations.

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Developer Tom Hop reveals the unprecedented world hidden behind the hitherto unpublished upper world map. Tom Hopp introduces a new research mechanic in the Metroidvania Journal and talks about the challenges of developing two interconnected games and inspirations for an interconnected decay world.


Whitswood is a craft adventure set in an open land full of Gothic myths and fairy tales, inspired by the Brothers Grimes’ fairy tales. As a mysterious forest witch, the player explores a strange landscape, collects magical objects, creates deceptive spells and judges unique characters and creatures with destructive judgments. Witchwood will be available for PS4 and PS5 in the fall of 2021.


Platinum Games’ Soul Cresta is a classic shoot and the final episode of “Cresta Saga”, continuing the legacy of Moon Cresta (1980) and Terra Cresta (1985) after 36 years. The centerpiece of the game is the docking function of the series, which is elevated as a central game element to create a sniper that emphasizes freedom.

A short hike

Developer Adam Robinson-U explains how he was inspired to create a short walk and how he wanted to create the quiet, meditative feeling that comes when exploring the world around him.


Carion, Devolver Digital’s scary reverse horror experience, will be released on PlayStation 4 later this year. The player assumes the role of an amorphous tumor of cartilage, teeth and tentacles. The task of harassing and consuming those who lock the creature in order to cause fear and panic in the facility. When the creature breaks that prison, it grows and develops and acquires more and more destructive abilities in the way of revenge.

The underworld

Greg Kasavin, Creative Director, shares some of the unique circumstances that led the small Supergiant Games team to become the biggest hit to date – the game has won over 50 Game of the Year awards. In Dungeon crawler hadiths such as Rouge, soldiers explore the underworld of Greek mythology and stand against the god of the dead. Hades will be available in the PlayStation Store starting August 13th.

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