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On its way to Mars, China's Tianwen-1 probe sends the first photo of the red planet

On its way to Mars, China’s Tianwen-1 probe sends the first photo of the red planet

Mars was captured on February 5, 2021 by Chinese explorer Tianwen-1. – China National Space Administration / AFP

Red planet in black and white. This Friday, the Chinese space agency (CNSA) released the first photo Tuesday, Taken
By the study of Tianwen-1, Which is set to come around on February 10th.

The first photo taken on Earth of the Red Planet shows a gas assembly and resembling craters. The black and white photo was taken at a distance of about 2.2 million kilometers from Mars, according to the Chinese space agency. China.

Chinese first attempt

CNSA reports that the photo shows the Valls Marineris (valleys near the red planet’s equator), Schiaparelli (a wide depression) and the plain Acetalia Planitia.

Tianwen-1 is made up of three components: an orbiter (which orbits the star), a lander and a wheel remote control robot (responsible for analyzing the ground). The wheelless robot involved in the investigation is expected to be sent to Mars in May. Weighing over 200kg it has four solar panels and is expected to operate for three months.

Among its tasks: conducting soil and atmospheric analyzes, taking photographs or contributing to the map of the red planet. Ambitious, China hopes to do this The first independent attempt to explore Mars Everything the United States has achieved on many Mars since the 1960s. That is, placing a probe in orbit, landing a lander, and then bringing the remote control robot out.

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