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Google Drive: How to Use the New Desktop Client Now – Finally Drive File Stream for Individual Users


With Google Drive It’s very easy to store any file in the cloud and sync them across multiple devices – thanks to some desktop clients, among others. Only yesterday Google announced to stop backup and sync, today the new version is already downloaded and can be used without any problem. Procedure: The Google Drive file stream can now be used by private users as well.

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There are big changes in Google Drive: they have been going both ways for years, providing synchronous drive file streaming for desktop users and both backup and sync they like to clean. It was announced yesterday that backup and sync will be discontinued due to the new tool Google Drive for desktop Has been changed. This is the renamed Drive File Stream, which brings both worlds under one roof.

We thought it would take a few more weeks or months, but it’s not necessary: ​​you can already use Google Drive for desktop if you wish Download Tamil, Install on Windows or Mac and use on a personal account without any problems – at least it worked smoothly for me. Simply download, install and sign in, you have already done the most important steps.

Private users will need to modify first, as there is no actual synced folder in the current process, but Google Drive is integrated as a driver in Windows Explorer (I do not have a Mac). You can use this drive to access all the files in Google Drive, even if they are stored in the cloud only. If you need a file, it will be streamed and downloaded in the background.

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New Process You no longer need any storage space on your computer and can access all your files – and at local speeds. I could not feel any loading time and everything felt like local drive. You can open, delete, upload, move, and rename files you want from local files or network drive.

The new tool is officially provided for download via the support document, but this may also be due to accidental initial activation. If you want to try it out, download it now and keep in mind that it will not be final – although nothing within the app indicates that you can use the initial version here.

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