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Framerate compared to the active radiation channel

Framerate compared to the active radiation channel

When they analyzed the length and width Technical Achievements of the Control Ultimate Edition, The comrades in Digital Foundry noticed that the standard mode removes the 30fps limit of photo mode when active, which is the graphic configuration for enabling ray-tracing.

Under normal conditions, control the Ultimate Edition with active ray-tracing gira a 30fps sia su PlayStation 5 Xia X Xbox Series X.. However, the removal of the hat, guaranteed by photo mode, opened up a sea of ​​new possibilities and made it a simpler tool for taking photos. A kind of criterion.

Digital Foundry immediately took advantage of the opportunity Compare the framework of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions In more than 20 different scenes, starting with the most stressful of all, The “Corridor of the Corridor”, Capable of embarrassing even the most active PCs. Well, in this section the Xbox Series guarantees a frame rate equivalent to the X33 FPS, the PS5 32 FPS. A minimal difference, which is completely incomprehensible without the right tools, can cause considerable balance if taken alone. However, the gap continues to expand in the rest of the scenes, which highlights the advantage of the Xbox Series X in terms of performance. Redmond’s next gen console manages 4-5 fps worse than its rival, an advantage that can rise to 11-12 fps in some situations. Overall, the digital foundry was calculated by taking into account all 21 views analyzed. Xbox Series X average performance gain 16% higher than PlayStation 5.

Decide for yourself by watching the video analysis attached at the top of this post. During normal gaming sessions, we would like to emphasize again that you will not notice these differences, for the simple reason that Remedy chose to activate the 30fps lock on both versions, guaranteeing performance consistency.

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When we are in it, we remind you of it Control Ultimate Edition is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers Throughout February. However, the Xbox Game Pass version of the game does not offer the Xbox Series X graphics update.