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Official release period, 30 games initially available -

Official release period, 30 games initially available –

Intelligence friend Finally there is a period Exit Official: The new console will be available in the fall of 2021, and you can trust it 30 games In the beginning.

Bookable since last March, the Intelligence Amigo has inevitably faced some problems due to the current international health situation, which has curtailed plans to launch the site, but now we are almost there.

“The Intelligence team is passionate and works very hard to create something very special, we can’t wait for people to try FriendSaid Tommy Dallarico, CEO and CEO of Intelligence Entertainment.

“In addition to the 30 exclusive Amigo games that will be introduced in digital and physical formats, a wide range parts. All games will have screen text in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch. “

“We have no choice but to extend the siege and travel bans due to the epidemic that blocked the PR tour across Europe scheduled for February and the shopping mall tour scheduled for March.”

“This is why we are working with partners and our exclusive distributor Koch Media to decide on a realistic launch in the second half of this year,” explained Hans Ippich, President of Europe and Managing Director of the European subsidiary.

In addition to the global localization of all Amigo games, the Nuremberg-based Intelligence Entertainment Europe GmbH is currently responsible for creating 20 exclusive Amigo titles across Europe (including Germany, Italy and Denmark).

Among them are Intelligence Skiing, Intelligence Fork, Shark! Shark! And Cornhole. Rated as “Friend Pack-In Bundle” PEGI 7.

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