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Recover your data until February 24 before it is deleted

Recover your data until February 24 before it is deleted

Google Play Music: All data will be deleted on February 24 – Kigo

Mountain View pulls out of Play Music, its music streaming service Last December. If the service is no longer available, users can retrieve data including their music tracks and libraries and their game and search history. In addition, Google has set up a tool to transfer YouTube music data to the US company’s new music streaming site.

Users have until February 24 to retrieve and / or modify data stored on Google Play Music, including “Imported, Purchased or Added Songs”. As of this date, Google’s service will be completely deleted along with all user data.

Google makes data recovery easy

To help its users, Google has set up a data transfer tool for YouTube music. All you have to do is sign in with your Google Account On this site View your Google Play music data. You can choose which data you want to convert to YouTube music or download. With the Play Music app, you can still download your music library, delete your music suggestions or all your music.

However, on February 24, all data will be deleted from Google Play Music users.

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