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Malware infects Max with M1 processors

Malware infects Max with M1 processors

Two different malware versions have been republished specifically for the M1 Mac. The new processor has only been around for a few months.

After many developers of applications for the Mac have replaced their applications with Apple Silicon, malware programmers have now also fallen into the funnel.

Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle has released information about a Safari adware extension called GoSearch22, rewritten on M1 processors. Mac Adware only displays ads that are not from the websites you visit.

The security company Red Canary is the opposite Wire GoSearch announced the discovery of its own M1 malware that is not identical to 22.

Adware disguises itself as a Safari extension and uses the good faith of users who want to extend their browser. They often do not notice that the extension is showing them ads or redirecting them to malicious websites. Apple’s security measures do not help, after all, users install the app and voluntarily grant the desired rights. The only annoying thing is that the second security mechanism does not work – the application is signed with the developer ID.

Then there are virus scanners. Very few Mac users have installed this because the goal of Mac immunity is still widespread. That is definitely not right. However, as Wardul had to admit, VirusTotal has not yet approved the new variant of the malware. Hope it changes soon.

Whether you have a virus scanner on your Mac or not. What are your reasons for your decision?

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