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Nintendo's toy garage gave birth to these seven amazing works

Nintendo’s toy garage gave birth to these seven amazing works

Doom Eternity is like a garage builder game
GIF: Nintendo / Kottaku

Garage building game It was launched in Switzerland last Friday. Within a week, users were already using Nintendo’s visual programming tool to create their own ideas. Sonic thorn pigAnd this Eternal tormentNew mandatory version of Kojima D.P. Test. Host Todd Don’t yell at me.

In Build Garage Building, Construction modules for game programming appear in the form of lowercase letters called “notance”. If you want an object to appear on the screen, you drop the noton object. If you want to hurt them when this item hits the player, go to the item’s settings and set it to “Destruction”. If you want to press the B button to jump, drop the control noton and connect the B button on the person noton that indicates your character in the game to the input.

It is a simple programming language that can be very complex in the right hands. For example, here is a brief overview of what happens under the cover of the “Doom Eternal Garage Teaser” Garage building game MrTiffles user !.

The code lines in the game builder garage connect the programming nodes

Very logical for me.
Screen shot: Nintendo / Kottaku

Sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? Fantastic thing about him Garage building game Once the creator has shared the game code, Like Mr. Tiffles! Made on TwitterYou can download their designs, make a copy and tinker with their code. Adjust their game to add your touch or use their code to use cheats in your own projects.

Here are some of the best works I have seen Garage building game Very very.

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