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Nintendo confirms when the new game for Switch and Mobile will be released

Nintendo confirms when the new game for Switch and Mobile will be released

Long after the last official update, Pokemon Unite Go back to talk about yourself, Through the official video that spreads the release period Of this new topic. The new Pokemon game will have a Moba style and will be available for free Nintendo Switch, iOS e Android.

First Announced a year ago, This title is a new starting point for Pokemon because it completely changes the game we are used to. In fact, we are moving from a methodical style to a frantic MOBA, The goal is to defeat the opposing team.

After the official presentation, no further news was released worldwide, with some beta versions limited to the Chinese border. A Recent leak Revealed available skins and raised some questions about it They are available for free or behind micro transactions. There is currently no official information on this.

In order to make this new Pokemon game, Pokemon Company has teamed up with forces Tencent, A Chinese company with its own subsidiary Riot game, Popular League of Legends, Which requires a lot of gait and restraints.

New game-Pokemon

The release period is confirmed for this summer Nintendo Switch, The game can be downloaded in September iOS e Android. Also, confirmed by the released video, Initially the Italian language was not available. However, the company invites all its fans to keep an eye on the site for updates on this.

One of the most important features of this MOBA is the evolution of our Pokemon. In fact, every match will start with the little monsters from their initial form, With evolution according to position. The more you balance, the more moves and skills will open up.

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In some perspectives, the classic game mode is restarted, but it is further enhanced by the component of the online arena.