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Metro Fear Release: When will the game be on the Nintendo Switch?

Metro Fear Release: When will the game be on the Nintendo Switch?

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“Metroid Fear” allows the protagonist Samus to re-explore the game world in 2D. When will the game be released on the Nintendo Switch?

Comes with the first 2D game of the series for 19 years with “Metroid Fear”. The plot of the new episode is based on the 2002 Game Boy Advance title “Metro Fusion” events and aims to end the five-part saga of bounty hunter Samus Aran. The game was announced on E3. “Metroid Fear” will be released later this year October 8th Nintendo Switch*. The first trailers show that this game will be a combination of modern games and the classic “Metroid”.

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“Metro Fear”: The announcement excites fans

Reveal the trailer “Fear of Metro” When ZDR explores the previously unknown world of the planet, Samus shows Aran in a new white and red suit. Although everything is shown in 3D, everything works Classic page-scrolling view Similar to MetroD: Samus Returns.

Watch the announcement trailer for “Metroid Fear” here:

The trailer features several new enemies, but the most confusing enemy is the named robot “EMMI”. It was not entirely affected by Samos’ attacks. The protagonist has no choice but to run away or get someone’s help New camouflage capability To hide. The trailer also shows some new moves including quick jumps, magnetized wall climbing and free targeting and parking. Players can gain new skills and equipment as the game progresses In the style of the classic “Metroid” Return to already explored areas to find new places or hidden updates. () K) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA.

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“Zelda: Skyward Sword HD” will be released on the Nintendo Switch this year. This is a redesign of the 2011 Wii title and, above all, offers better clarity and customized controls. Those who believe this year is the “breath of the wild 2” will unfortunately be disappointed. © Nintendo
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