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Metroid Dread

Samsung Tread Producer – Endeavor with voice acting by Sams Aaron

Now you can Metroid Fear I have been buying the Nintendo Switch for 8 days and the first of you should have already completed the adventure. The title provided various cut-and-paste scenes, among which, among others, the on-board computer Adam spoke with Sam Aaron. Compared to Metroid Fusion and Metroid: The other M, however, the heroine in Tread was quiet. However, there were some exceptions when she broke her silence. Metroid Dread maker Yoshio Sakamoto Now back to an interview Voice release from Samus Gave voice in the game.


Samus does not speak in this game. The main reason I like to do this this way is the main theme of the game, which is fear. I felt that the current situation of Samus, or what Sams thinks, could be better conveyed to the player not by words or voice, but by acting or visual elements. I like what the player thinks, “What’s going on? What is Samus feeling at this point? “That’s why I chose this path for this game.

Have you already played with Metroid Dread?

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