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Nintendo Switch Rumors: New Model with 7 Inch OLED Display and 4K on TV

Although Nintendo rejected a Nintendo Switch Pro at a quarterly statistics conference in early February, rumors of a presentation in 2021 persist, although it does not want to introduce a new model within the next twelve months. To be well Bloomberg Learn new details about the new model.

7 inch OLED display

Accordingly, the display of the rumored Switch Pro of the new, more powerful model will grow from 6.2 inches to 7.0 inches on the current model. This will increase the distance (test) for the Nintendo Switch Light with a 5.5-inch display. In addition, it should have an OLED display, which will significantly enhance the contrast and black levels above all else.

There is not much clarity in the portable mode

However, there should be no change in the resolution of the display, which should be at 1,280 × 720 pixels (720p). On the one hand, this step may be due to battery life, on the other hand, many games on the switch have not already reached the display’s own resolution. Samsung Display is named as the manufacturer of the panel. It is rumored that the manufacturer will start mass production of 7-inch OLED displays in June 2021 and ship them in July. The new switch may go on sale just in time for the Christmas business.

Smartphone manufacturers usually rely on flexible OLED displays to create edge curves, with Nintendo reportedly ordering a rigid OLED display from Samsung Display.

4K on TV

Though it is thought that the clarity of the built-in display should not change, there is talk of 4K resolution again when used on TV. However, we are talking about 4K hike, which means that the resolution actually delivered domestically may be significantly lower. It is not yet known whether functions such as Nvidia’s DLSS, which previously provided Switch’s graphics processor, will be used.

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