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Find Alby Cozie Parks • Program News Producers

Find Alby Cozie Parks • Program News Producers

Photo by Cascina La Patuana Giaveno

SALBERTRAND – Taste parks: In Pitmond, the project promotes biodiversity on the table, to find Alby Cozie park makers who adhere to the regional-directed program. It upgrades the economic cast network of those who join this project by obtaining a sticking protocol. Guaranteed quality, consistency and attention to their territory. In order to pursue conservation and management objectives in natural environments where the enrichment of conservation biodiversity is included in the required habitats, Alby Cozie Parks agro-forestry pastoral activities are committed to increasing common local products.


Taste parks The Pitmont Region Incentive Initiative, involves 39 protected areas and their twelve management bodies. It is designed to enhance and elevate tradition to flavors and knowledge that reflect tradition and the context in which they come from. The purposes of “Parchi da Gustare” are:

  • Promote the use of parks by creating a network between different subjects that are in their territory.
  • Parks enhance the relationship between economic actors with relationships.
  • Advertise resources with a simple and instant language.
  • The focus of the project is on products from Piedmontese Parks, which have been surveyed until now: 48 other products: 77 cheeses, 50 wines, 46 desserts, 41 cured meats, 31 vegetables and legumes, 29 indigenous species, 25 propylene, 22 propylene.


Heroes of Parci da Costare:

  • I Products
  • I Producers
  • Restaurants that use the product also collaborate with local producers.

Do you want a maker or a restaurant? Are you interested in joining the project? Taste ID Parks was created by the Park Authority to collaborate between restaurants and makers to be highly effective and efficient. Precisely for this reason, all interested restaurants and manufacturers can join by value for MoUs. Presentation Download Project. Download Leaflet Alby Cozie Parks Products and Local Exhibitions List Alby Cozie Parks – Taste ID Parks. Finally download Folding 2020 Taste Parks with all participating producers and restaurants.

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