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Increase the experience points needed to equalize –

The big news is the progress of Marvel’s Avengers, Where, from the next Update More is expected in March, which will take longer Experience points To equalize. As previously announced, two new characters will be introduced in the game: Clint Barton and Hockey; Own support for Xbox Series X and PS5 will be added.

The developer explained the new development with the desire to replace the Marvel Avengers with other RPGs, increasing the amount of time needed to grow there. For this reason, the experience points required for the level will increase after the 25th level, and this will increase to the 50th level, although these will only affect the writing level, but not the power level. Those who have already brought the characters to the maximum level are not afraid because they can keep them without differences.

In addition Progress system, Random cosmetics, items found in crates and chastity sold will also be edited. In this case, those who have already opened the goods are not afraid because they will not be stolen from them.

For the rest, we remind you that the hockey update will be available from March 18, 2021 for Marvel’s Avengers – Operation: PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Stadia and Xbox Series X / S.

Marvel Avengers – Activity: Hockey

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