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Nintendo Switch Pro: Why is the new console missing from E3 2021?

Nintendo Switch Pro: Why is the new console missing from E3 2021?


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Rumors and leaks persisted, they were only smoke and glass. Why didn’t Nintendo announce Switch Pro in E3 2021?

Angels – The rumors lasted, but in the end they were false. There have been repeated leaks about the Nintendo Switch Pro for weeks and months – this is an improved version of the current Nintendo Switch. Shortly before E3 2021, the rumor mill saw even more and forecast an initial announcement. But Nintendo has not announced or announced the new console before the biggest sports show.

Console nameNintendo Switch Pro / Nintendo Super Switch (unbestätigt)
TypeHybrid Game Console (Unconfirmed)
Generation09. Console Generation
Storage mediaI do not know

Presentation on Nintendo Switch Pro: E3 2021 will only show new games and software

E3 2021 has closed its doors for this year. But if you miss the world’s biggest sports exhibition, you don’t have to be sad. Most of the fans at the show weren’t thrown out. Nevertheless, various publishers and developers had a lot in their luggage because many new games were announced in E3 2021. Nintendo also had some new games in their luggage and showed them to fans on the last day of the show. During the Nintendo Direct, the eyes of the fans shone especially with the announcements about the Metro Tread or the teaser trailer for Breath of the Wild 2.

Nintendo Direct was able to convince fans, but still a few waited in vain for an announcement. Where was the Nintendo Switch Pro? According to Insider: Inside and various leaks, the console should have actually been announced before the fair, because Nintendo only wanted to show games and software on the E3. But there was no expression of the famous console before the sports exhibition. So many fans are expecting an announcement on the Nintendo Direct.

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Nintendo Switch Pro: Why was the new console not announced at E3 2021?

However, expectations for the Switch Pro announcement were not fulfilled. Because Nintendo got stuck in its project, it only showed new software and games, but no hardware – except for the game & watch for the Zelda anniversary. But why did Tokyo show nothing about the upgraded console?

This question cannot be answered definitively, after all, only Nintendo knows the answer to it. What is clear, however, is that Nintendo chief Shundaro Furukawa said in February that his company did not plan to launch a new switch model at any time. In fact, the new console has not been officially confirmed. The leaks around Switch Pro did not come from the insiders in question: 4chan or Reddit, but from the well-known Bloomberg magazine. For several weeks, Bloomberg has been reporting on new, consistent and subsequent rumors about an improved switch.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Why is the new console missing from E3 2021?

© Nintendo / E3 (mounting)

According to Bloomberg Nintendo plans to launch the console by the end of this year to begin production this summer. Additionally, the Switch Pro must be equipped with an OLED display and support 4K in TV mode. But Nintendo, like other manufacturers, faces a global semiconductor shortage. This may also be a reason why Switch Pro has not been announced yet.

In addition, although the E3 2021 is the world’s largest sports show, Nintendo is not justified in making big announcements. Thanks to the established Nintendo Direct design, the Tokyo-based company can be sure that fans and journalists are hanging on its lip. News can be announced when it is suitable for Nintendo and does not have to be based on any kind of trade shows. If the console is to be released later this year, Nintendo will announce it in the next few months.

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What do you think? When can we expect the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro?

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