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Is there a Bayonetta 3?  Nintendo (finally) takes a stand

Is there a Bayonetta 3? Nintendo (finally) takes a stand

Bayonetta3 Is there A question that many have asked themselves, which is often addressed to the Platinum Games developer, but it has always been a return to the Nintendo publisher.

The game is really available exclusively Nintendo Switch And Big N will publish, which never took a stand after the original presentation.

A pre-2018 presentation, Platinum continues to show many games in public during this period (Another chronic patient) The fall of Babylon.

After another E3 of Ma silence, the face of the intervening Hideki cameo series, Angry as always, In the case, but without providing specific explanations.

To the question that continues Bayonetta2 Nintendo has finally taken the floor, explaining how the situation is today.

In the video interview provided Gamespot, Phil Trinen, Nintendo’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nate, and Nate Bihaldorf, Senior Director, Localization, have released new details.

“Without a doubt it exists, I can confirm it.”, Bihaldorf answered the question that the Bayonetta 3 may be completely hidden.

Trinen also argued:

More I will go further, I will say it Not only is it there but it is also making good progress.

We like to show them when we are ready to show them, and of course we want to show things When the developer is ready to show them.

Then We don’t have it in E3, But wait.

A state of expression, after being silent for a long time, Publisher’s confidence Against the Japanese Development Partner.

A partner who has always given the impression that the expectations of the fans should not be taken too seriously, as far as I can ask Forget the ad completely.

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Already at the end of 2020, on demand to clarify the status of the work, Kamia did not give much comfort signals Assigned answer Famitsu.

Although we do not know whether it is credible or not, we have The promise of a new revelation in 2021.

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