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La Seri Life Is Strange Come Sir Switch

La Seri Life Is Strange Come Sir Switch

Square Enix formalized the arrival of the series Life is strange Ann Switch, not at its own presentation on Sunday, but at the Nintendo live special E3 2021 on Tuesday. Not only old games, but even the next ones, the existence of a switched version has been kept a secret to this day.

Life is weird: real colors The next episode of the series, produced by Tech Nine Games, takes on the torch of Dontnod and will be released on other consoles such as Switch, September 10 Next. It will not be an episodic broadcast like the first two games, but a full release from the start. The game tells the story of a young Asian-American girl named Alex Chen, who grew up in a foster family and was trapped in childhood. Shortly before a play takes place, she reunites with her brother when he encourages her to come back eight years later.

For those who have not yet done homework, Life is weird: The rearranged set Come Current 2021 On the switch, there are redesigned versions Life is strange As well as Life is weird: before the storm. There is no exact release date on this topic yet, we imagine it will come out later Life is weird: real colors.

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