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Nintendo Switch Pro in 4K with DLSS 2.0, according to some insiders -

Nintendo Switch Pro in 4K with DLSS 2.0, according to some insiders –

Nintendo Switch Pro Return to the center of some rumors talking about graphics 4K resolution Thanks for implementing the technology in the new console of Phantom DLSS 2.0 from Nvidia, According to some insiders.

Of course it is Rumors It is not taken as 100% reliable information, it is far from it, but the information comes from two resource forum users rated by moderators “Verified” sources. This does not mean that they are true, but at least both seem to be rated as persons who can be contacted with reliable sources, so it seems that they are in fact individuals.

Users were identified as “Z0m3le” and “NatetheHate”, the latter seeming to set a positive precedent based on the information spread. According to these signers, as a significant evolution of the hardware of the Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch Pro is actually in development, although this has been denied several times by the company.

According to two reports, this will be an upgraded version of the current one, capable of reaching 4K resolution using Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 technology. This is a somewhat consistent rumor that the switch is based on hardware developed by the same company, but so far no confirmation has been found. However, this is a fascinating opportunity Solution Very valid to increase performance and resolution without overloading the hardware.

A clue to this new model will come from Datamining Carried on some Nintendo Switch games, which recently revealed a presence Third profile With general specifications of portability or “chopped” games, this suggests an additional option to use new hardware.

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