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did you know ?  There is a trick to making GIFs faster from YouTube

did you know ? There is a trick to making GIFs faster from YouTube

Want to quickly create a GIF from a YouTube video? There is a very simple trick to know.

If the thought of creating a GIF from a YouTube video ever crossed your mind, you may have tried various online services. You may have tried GIF Maker or EZ Gif, which we have included in the guide on how to easily create GIFs on Windows or MacOS. But there is a YouTube related tip that you are not familiar with.

Create a GIF of a YouTube video

Everything is run at the domain name level. If you want to extract a GIF in the video, for example “”, you must prefix the gif: “ ”. This will redirect you to and then show you the video with everything you need to build your GIF.

There are many options to change the GIF to suit his preferences. But we can skip this whole step and have a sequence of a few seconds.

This site actually has in mind to get the domain name to set up the shortcut, which saves some time on copying / pasting the video URL. Hosted by GIF Maker on YouTube Platform – though Yet it offers this option on its homepage and extends it to other services such as Instagram or Vimeo. This is the same policy that the CONV site relies on to download YouTube video.

Once you have typed the modified URL, you will end up with an editing table: you will need to create your GIF and pause it to determine its duration – you can use both timeline to align and adjust the start and end correctly. Sequence with appropriate settings. The site, though in English, is easy to learn.

Editing the GIF is relatively quick, especially if you hang it. All you have to do is upload or share your work.

Advanced options such as subtitling lines and adding various effects (blur, negative, color intensity, horizontal or vertical inversion, crop, cinematography strips, etc.) are also provided. There are also pre-defined effects to go fast, but if the preview is a bit unsatisfactory it can always be fixed by restoring some options.

When the rendering is good for you, all you have to do is create a GIF, give it a name and some tags, and optionally define if it has sound or NSFW. It should be noted that some parameters, such as the possibility of removing the watermark or remix, are linked to’s premium offer. It is also possible to determine the visibility of the GIF (private or public).

On the download page, it will be provided for you to download or integrate directly, to share on various sites (Facebook, Twitter, Trampler, Pinterest, Reddit) or by email. The site can already encourage you to create an account, but this invitation automatically downloads the GIF direct link by copying / pasting it into the browser’s address bar.

An example with the video we selected for our experiment:

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Continuation in the video