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Unusual: Twitch Gaming reduces Metallica's audio after Blissconline

Unusual: Twitch Gaming reduces Metallica’s audio after Blissconline

The Blisscon Always a big event for fans, Blizzard Organizes a concert regularly, Metallica Was on stage in 2014. This year Blisconline Done Online only, But the studio had its good habits, DJ. Christian “Hodor” Nayan (Great fan d Wow) Before the opening ceremony, and Return of the famous group of Metal, The time of a topic After the end.

The event aired publicly on several streaming services, including the channel Twitch Gaming On stageAmazon. Here and then Some tips To whom Bell Dolls, Music has been replaced by a path without royalty ! A terrible sequence of indestructible Web light, Which made the audience laugh a lot. But why so Twitch Gaming Did he turn off the sound? Metallica ? The stage has been fighting for months against non-free music, and To avoid a complaint TMCA, She chose to change To whom Bell Dolls Folk music by 8 bits, Leaving four musicians in the picture, already in the cult queue.

This clearly shows the concerns it raises TMCA On streaming sites such as Traction, But it is true Metallica At the heart of the affair is delighting fans, whose team has long fought against illegal theft and Napster 20 years ago. Listen quietly To whom Bell Dolls, You can find the album CD Lightning ride In 7 € Ann Amazon.

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