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Development Episode "The Visionary" Released Nintendo Connect

Development Episode “The Visionary” Released Nintendo Connect

Do you have a ridiculous vision? Even if you risk all of the colossus, do you continue anyway? That was never an issue for Flordelis … Pokemon: Watch Episode 3 of Evolution. Can Flordellis make its plan a reality? Pokemon’s third episode: Developments is now available on YouTube and is titled “The Visionary”. You can watch past episodes with us too!



Well-known stories from the Pokemon story are told in a new perspective in each chapter. Pokemon Company International has one fan per person in 2021 Journey backwards These areas and Pokemon were first discovered there. Like Retrospect, this series started in the Color region, recently in video games Pokemon Sword And Pokemon shield Discovered, and ending in the Kondo region, first created by players in the first video game series in 1996 (1999 in Germany). Pokemon Road Edition And Pokemon green version, Has been found. Each chapter focuses on a different region, but according to the reverse chronology of their discovery within video games: Color, Alola, Callos, Ainal, Chinno, Hon, Joto and last but not least, Condo.

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