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nintendo switch nouvelle manette en vue

Nintendo Switch: Is there a new controller in view?

As revealed in the forum Resetora By the user Stupid Sexy Flanders, Nintendo Filed in Federal Communications Commission U.S. Application for Certification “Manet Nintendo Switch“It simply came to our notice then. Certificate of FCC It is a mandatory step to sell any wireless device in the United States of America.

As you can see in the document above, the sample number of the controller in question “CDT-043“, Prefix”from this“Used in all related products Nintendo Click, Console “This -001“, தி Joy-Khan By “CDT-015“And”CDT-016“, Etc. According to The site that lists all of these codes, தி “CDT-042Wireless joystick Super NES And this “CDT-044“It simply came to our notice then Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. As you can see, the famous “CDT-043“It’s not filled yet, which has led some to consider it a controller for the new console offered in the service. Nintendo Switch Online : Rumors are currently circulating about Visit Game Boy (color), When leaking Nate Drake Announced that The Nintendo 64 Join him sooner or later.

Of course, in view Visit Bluetooth On top of that Nintendo Switch, A newer version of the questionable controller is better not impossible Handcuffs Pro It will provide jack board or other new features. However, since the document ‘expiration date is set for March 16, 2022, there is no need to wait long for it to be discovered.