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Earthquake is available on the Nintendo Switch in an upgraded version

After a few days and several hours of gossip, the game Earthquake (Yes, released 25 years ago) Available at IeShop From Nintendo Click. As the game was released, the hybrid engine was not the only concern (Prepare yourself) : PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5. What’s more, it’s integrated Game Boss de Xbox. Everything!

This new version of the game should be graphically upgraded to compatible consoles with 4K and up to 16/9 resolution on all computers. The models are redesigned, the lights are dynamic and very colorful and completely technological improvements are just part of the game: alternatives are added and the depth of field is obviously better than that time.

Earthquake The upgraded version offers a campaign for up to 4 players in local or online collaboration, and a multiplayer mode that can compete with up to 8 people online and up to 4 people on the split screen. The good news for those who have friends on other consoles is that the game is completely cross-platform. The title contains the original extensions, i.e. “Armagan’s whip“And”Dissolution of eternity“, As well as two more named”The dimension of the past“And”The size of the machine“.

Pictures and trailer of the earthquake on the Nintendo Switch

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