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Nintendo Podcast # 175: This Year's Best Review!

Nintendo Podcast # 175: This Year’s Best Review!

Summary: You will hear it in the new chapter!

It’s coming to an end again, 2021 – Kids, how time flies! So this time we dare to look back at Nintendo and gaming year 2021. What events occupied us and motivated us? Which new games are important, the best, the scariest? Which live versions caused a stir, and which disappointed? Katha and Johannes have been reviewing for the past twelve months, passionately discussing the usefulness of old games that sell for millions of dollars, and regretting the devastating GTA trilogy.

Listen to the new chapter here!

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All topics in Chapter 175 – Time Codes

06:15 – Annual Review: January – June 2021
52:50 – Annual Review: July – December 2021

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